Maximizing Your Employee Retention Credit Benefits

Learn how you can maximize your employee retention credit benefits with help from experts at ERC Assistant and ERC Today.

Maximizing Your Employee Retention Credit Benefits

Government rules and regulations can be difficult to understand, and mistakes can be costly when dealing with Uncle Sam. This makes people and businesses doubt the rare opportunities and avenues of support funded by the government when they present themselves. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), only 4% of small business owners are familiar with the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program, and many are wondering what it is. However, this little known government aid has enormous benefits for businesses.Since employee retention is such a hot topic, the government understands that, to keep employees close, you'll still have to be able to pay them.

The ERC serves as a lifesaver to help companies and eligible employers and their employees survive the waves of unexpected events that have occurred in recent years. So how can this government aid be capitalized on? Are there any pitfalls? What are the requirements?ERC Assistant is an employee retention credit service that offers a simplified process for onboarding customers and filing claims in as little as one to two weeks. ERC Assistant also has a secure customer portal that protects sensitive information to protect you from fraud by ERC or other malicious people. You can get an initial estimate of the ERC at no cost, with a minimum investment of time in the interface.

Finally, the ERC Assistant team can deliver ready-to-file documents to the IRS without involving your payroll company.ERC Today is an employee retention credit service that helps companies assess their eligibility, complete a thorough analysis of their applications, provides guidance on the application process and documentation, provides specific knowledge about programs that a regular CPA or payroll processor might not know well, and executes a quick and simple process from start to finish, from eligibility to applying and receiving reimbursements. The experts of the April ERC are nationally recognized as opinion leaders in terms of policies to help COVID.The Aprio team thinks creatively to maximize your benefits within the limits and regulations of the IRS. In addition to the employee retention credit services offered by the company, Aprio works with other credits to increase the liquidity of its company. The team has ERC advisors dedicated to educating the public and guiding customers to maximum COVID relief benefits.

Basically, all companies qualify for the ERC, unlike PPP loans, since there is no need to demonstrate a decrease in revenues, but if there is a decrease, the grant is automatic.If you have any questions about how to calculate your employee retention credit, consult a qualified tax professional. To apply for the ERC tax credit, companies must first apply to the IRS. Companies must provide basic information about their company and its employees, as well as documentation that shows that they have been affected by the pandemic. Start here to start filing your ERC credit.The IRS will then review the application and determine if the business is eligible for the credit.

If approved, the credit will be applied to future payroll taxes. For companies that are struggling to retain their employees, the ERC can provide much-needed financial aid.Disaster loan counselors can help your business with the complex and confusing employee retention credit (ERC) and employee retention tax credit (ERTC) program. The new Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act sets an earlier deadline for implementation than previously expected. You can also apply for the ERC for previous quarters by filling out an applicable adjusted payroll tax return within the appropriate deadlines.Companies can use some techniques to optimize both ERC and debt forgiveness within the framework of the Check Protection Program (PPP).

They will guide you and describe the steps you should take to maximize your claim for your company, answering any ERC questions you may have. Eligible businesses are eligible to receive a refundable payroll tax credit equal to a percentage of qualifying wages. In addition, companies that have 100 or fewer full-time employees may be eligible to receive a 100 percent wage credit for employees.While October was previously set as a deadline for receiving the ERC, companies can submit an application retroactively by filling out a refund request form, also known as an employer's adjusted quarterly federal tax return (941-X).

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